Fit 4 Life.


I am so very lucky to have 3 jobs that I love, and have a huge passion for, so if you are looking for enthusiasm, motivation and professionalism we have it covered.


If you are suffering with an injury, or an ongoing issue, sporty or not, or if you are an active sports person in need of regular massage, I can help get you back to your best.


 Whether you would like to increase your current training program to improve in your sport, take up a new sport, loose weight or just get a helping hand to start a fitness program or improve your health, I can help you be the best that you can be.


Lessons available for all ages in a beautifully warm pool in Barns Green.

A little about me....​​

I have lived my life an active person, born into a sporting family, both my Parents being runners, my Dad later moving to long distance walking and then cycling.

As a child i joined the local swim club, and later, age 11 I went along to my local Athletics track, and have been running ever since.

I later took up cycling, encouraged by my Dad into sportives, time trials and Audaxing.

I then put all 3 disciplines’ together and competed in sprint triathlons too.

My attention now, is focused on longer distance in both running and cycling challenges.

I have been teaching swimming now for over 30 years, and still enjoy all aspects of teaching.

Getting older, as we all are, taking care of my health and my body has become more and more important, and on qualifying as a PT 6 years ago, it was great to pair this new knowledge up with my experience and gain a much greater understanding of the dos and don’ts, whys, and wherefores of all the sports I love. This was further enhanced when a year later I started studying sports massage therapy and the circle felt complete…how to do, how to improve, and how to fix! I am about to further my training with the next level massage, and I am so excited to still be learning and improving on what I am passionate about …sport and all that it involves.