​Personal​ Training ​

Personal Training from beginner to advanced.

With my lifetime of sporting experience and professional training I can help or coach you in many ways and different disciplines……."

Personal training is just that....personal, and I am dedicated to working with you to form your own individual program to enable you to reach your goals, take up a new sport, loose weight or just get a helping hand to start a fitness program or improve your health, I can help you be the best that you can be. 

My main focus is to help my clients become the fitter healthier person they want to be through motivation, diet and personal fitness.

Sessions are usually one hour, and can be as often as you would like.

We will discuss what you would like to gain from the sessions and your goals to work out a training exercise plan to suit your needs with your available time. The aim is to fit exercise into your life.

If it’s help or coaching in a specific sport that you are looking for help with, a training plan or a strength and conditioning program tailored to your​ personal goals I can help. I have experience and professional training in the above along with nutrition and diet. 

Consultation is free.